Diana ’78

I was in Mac 1974-1978.  Even though it was more than 3 decades ago the sweet memory of life at Mac is still fresh. A small group of us from Singapore and Malaysia had a niche in Mills Library.  Mills was our first home.  We spent more hours in Mills than in our apartment at Camelot Towers.  In between classes or when we need a break from studying, we would go down to Mills basement to have our coffee from the coffee machine and just chilled out with a cup of hot coffee. We still refer to Mills Library and our coffee time at the basement with very fond memories whenever we get the time to have a get-together in Singapore.

One comment on “Diana ’78

  1. Tay Guat Eng says:

    I was there from 1093 to 1977 and lived at Dromore during my last year. I cannot forget the snow laden pine trees on the edge of the Mcmaster medical centre as I walked to campus – so serene and beautiful in those cold wintry mornings.

    As I came from hot singapore the first snowfall was such an enormous and delightful experience for me when I caught the snowflakes on my palm. But the winter coat was never warm enough.

    During the earlier years I lived at camelot and the walk in winter was quite a challenge initially but we got adapted to it after all and grew to enjoy the crisp winter air and the serenity of winter..

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