Diana ’78

I was in Mac 1974-1978.  Even though it was more than 3 decades ago the sweet memory of life at Mac is still fresh. A small group of us from Singapore and Malaysia had a niche in Mills Library.  Mills was our first home.  We spent more hours in Mills than in our apartment at Camelot Towers.  In between classes or when we need a break from studying, we would go down to Mills basement to have our coffee from the coffee machine and just chilled out with a cup of hot coffee. We still refer to Mills Library and our coffee time at the basement with very fond memories whenever we get the time to have a get-together in Singapore.

Pat ’71

I only have good memories of my years at Mac from 1968-1972. One of the highlights was living in Moulton Hall and attending the Wallingford formal in the fall. This is only one of a long list of positives, including friendships which continue to this day.

Larry ’72, ’73

One of my favourite things from my time at Mac – especially at this time of year – was football.

McMaster was one of the few universities (I think U of T was another) that had full-contact intramural football. Likely for insurance reasons, full contact was replaced by flag football a few years later. (My own personal memory – having my hand stomped. The cleat left a nice hole. I walked over to the newly opened medical centre – still in my pads – to have it stitched.)

This is a photo of the C.A.P.E. (Combined Arts – Phys Ed) Jets. We won the championship in both 1972 and 1973. This photo is from one of those years.

Larry ’72, ’73

Thanks again for the photo from page 22 of the Fall issue – “Live Music at the Rat”. I’ve enclosed a photo from the same era, about 1969-70. It appeared on the front page of the Spec but unfortunately I didn’t note the date. It was taken downstairs at Wentworth House. Prior to “the John” and a permanent licensed facility on campus, there were “beer gardens” primarily at Wentworth House for events such as Winter Carnival. And, invariably, at some point people started dancing on the table.

Mary ’73, ’09

The watercolour pictures, painted by Henrietta Alderson, in the McMaster School of Nursing.

Several are displayed on different walls. Henri was the nursing anatomy and physiology professor until her retirement and loved by all (although she had VERY high standards). Her painting was her outlet and after retirement she took several trips to paint. The Nursing Alumni cohosted a showing of her paintings in the fall of 1981.