Michele ’91

  • the feeling of accomplishment in successfully navigating the underground maze linking KTH, TSH and CNH
  • eating lunch and catching up on The Young and The Restless in the Blue Lounge between classes
  • looking forward to the Imaginus poster and print sale on campus each year and having the chance to add to my print collection
  • standing in long lines at the photocopiers in Mills Library and finding out that I had just enough credit left on my copy card to copy my latest assignment
  • the sense of pride I feel, 20 years later, every time I use my McMaster Mastercard (which is quite often!)

Lisa ’98, ’02

One of my favourite things was spending days in 10 Acre Field playing rugby. I always felt so fortunate to have such a beautiful place to play … every evening and weekend, watching the colours turn in the woods around the fields, smelling the leaves and the earth … I still talk about those days and that field – it was truly a gift.

Jennifer ’90

My favourite memory is living on the 6th floor in Brandon Hall, back when it was all female! My roommate, Tara, and I hit it off the day we met and soon met my next best friend, Tracey. I’m still friends with them today, and we often reminisce about the great times we had in Brandon.

Sarah ’96

While not the most romantic place on the McMaster Campus it is one of my favourites –¬† Rm. 239 McKay Hall was where my husband proposed¬† 18 years ago!