Philip ’04, ’06 & ’10

Meeting my beautiful wife (Laura ’07)!

This picture was taken just prior to our wedding this past summer on campus outside of faculty hollow. We don’t live in the area anymore but wanted to have our pictures taken at a special place for both of us.


Lisa ’98, ’02

One of my favourite things was spending days in 10 Acre Field playing rugby. I always felt so fortunate to have such a beautiful place to play … every evening and weekend, watching the colours turn in the woods around the fields, smelling the leaves and the earth … I still talk about those days and that field – it was truly a gift.

Velichko ’07

My favorite moments at Mac were the classical concerts in the University Hall, McMaster Art museum and the Mills library.

I also loved walking with my family through the campus enjoying the beautiful architecture and peace of the surrounding nature, especially during the autumn. Squirrels and rabbits running around are also unforgettable.

Melissa ’00

I was the first person in my family to go to University, so it was a family affair to bring me to campus on move-in day in 1996. We made our way to Moulton Hall and were greeted by enthusiastic and happy students who grabbed my bags and helped move me into my room. I was homesick already but the girls were sympathetic and kind. I have never felt that feeling of immediate acceptance and friendship like I did that day. Many of those people are still my good friends today.

I have so many memories of Mac that I can’t narrow it down to just one.
*Long winter walks on campus during a snowfall where everything is still and quiet. The only lights were from Hamilton Hall and gave the snow such a pretty glow.
*Rocky Horror Picture Show nights and the fun and craziness of Halloween. We would get dressed up and go to The Rat for the evening.
*Toboganning down Faculty Hollow.
*Ordering PizzaPizza at one in the morning just because we could use our meal plan to buy it!
*The ease of living on campus in first year and never having to worry about bad weather or a long commute.
*The Westdale PJ parade!

Thanks for helping to remember one of the best times of my life!

Danielle ’08, ’10

My favourite thing about McMaster is technically a series of events and memories, but they all encompass one very important aspect of McMaster culture: student life. I was involved in all kinds of things while I was at Mac — Welcome Week, Social Sciences Society, MFNSA, and in various capacities in the MSU — and all of them allowed me to meet new people, have a blast, and take a break from my studies. Those times wearing a rep suit in 30+ degree weather or being on campus for over twelve hours to make sure events ran smoothly, although stressful and often sweaty, allowed me to meet some of the best people of my life.

Joanna ’05

A beautiful campus, fantastic teachers, the opportunity to have a profession that I truly love, and the beginning of lifelong friendships that I will always treasure.

Thank you McMaster!