Sandra ’06

One of my favourite things is GSA softball games followed by a cool pint of beer on the patio of the Phoenix!


Greg ’07

Happy (almost) anniversary indeed!  I’m certainly a biased from working here, but I’d say that my favourite thing is Mills Library.  They have a wonderful collection, an incredible workspace, and it always reminds me of my undergrad as soon as I walk through the door.

Sam ’03, ’04

I love the core of McMaster with its original gothic style, ivy covered buildings – especially Hamilton Hall and University Hall.  The former has fond memories for me as I worked in Hamilton Hall for two years when the MSU was located there.  For the latter, it will always have a special place in my heart as my wife – originally from Montreal –  fell in love with the campus when she first visited and insisted that we get married on the lawn behind University Hall.

Andrew ’04, ’05

The quiet moments on campus when it seems only you – of all the people and in all the hustle-and-bustle that can sometimes be life at Mac – have noticed that deer or rabbit quietly exploring a patch of grass or finding their way across a field. Special, cherished moments that have been relived many times over for me in my time at Mac.

Hang ’09

Santa Hog – a fun time for us, maybe not for some Profs.

Thode – What a busy place especially before exams.

ITB – it is still a maze for me after spending 5 years at Mac. Profs’ offices always locate at some corner you could never found until one day you opened a secret door unexpected at the second floor or maybe the third floor…a ha…they all there.

Erin ’08

My favorite thing about McMaster was always the campus in summer. I worked at Venture Science Camp for 2 summers so got to spend my days around campus. All of the trees and vines made the campus so green and the flower beds were always so pretty and well-maintained. It made the campus a beautiful place to spend the summer!