Sharon ’10

LOVE – every day of my life at MAC was filled with LOVE and OPENNESS. Every experience inspired me to do better. All the people that came into my life; whether it was for a brief period of time, or longer, influenced me. Through all this we smiled, laughed, got emotional, explored and discovered ourselves more. Spending time with so many great people (friends, roommates, professors, peers), and having the chance to truly BE YOURSELF is a memory I never want to give back!

These are the glory days — they aren’t going to last forever. To all the first years at MAC: BE GLORIOUS!


Philip ’04, ’06 & ’10

Meeting my beautiful wife (Laura ’07)!

This picture was taken just prior to our wedding this past summer on campus outside of faculty hollow. We don’t live in the area anymore but wanted to have our pictures taken at a special place for both of us.

Danielle ’08, ’10

My favourite thing about McMaster is technically a series of events and memories, but they all encompass one very important aspect of McMaster culture: student life. I was involved in all kinds of things while I was at Mac — Welcome Week, Social Sciences Society, MFNSA, and in various capacities in the MSU — and all of them allowed me to meet new people, have a blast, and take a break from my studies. Those times wearing a rep suit in 30+ degree weather or being on campus for over twelve hours to make sure events ran smoothly, although stressful and often sweaty, allowed me to meet some of the best people of my life.