Jennifer ’90

My favourite memory is living on the 6th floor in Brandon Hall, back when it was all female! My roommate, Tara, and I hit it off the day we met and soon met my next best friend, Tracey. I’m still friends with them today, and we often reminisce about the great times we had in Brandon.


Ian ’93

Professor Fred Moyes playing his accordian at Health and Physical education pubs, a big contrast from his detailed hand-drawn anatomy pictures during his anatomy lectures.

Sam ’03, ’04

I love the core of McMaster with its original gothic style, ivy covered buildings – especially Hamilton Hall and University Hall.  The former has fond memories for me as I worked in Hamilton Hall for two years when the MSU was located there.  For the latter, it will always have a special place in my heart as my wife – originally from Montreal –  fell in love with the campus when she first visited and insisted that we get married on the lawn behind University Hall.

Chris ’87

  • “traybogganing” beside the Faculty Club, and especially watching some of the spectacular wipe-outs to avoid disappearing into the Cootes Paradise forest
  • the fact that the racoons had beat down a smooth path in the grass to the Faculty Club, but not to the Commons Building; clearly they knew where to find the better food source!!
  • attending Dr. Thomas’ second year Moral Issues course; not only did I hone my critical-thinking skills (which has proved very helpful in my career), I also learned how humour can play such an important role when dealing with difficult situations

Earl ’64

I’m a grad of ’64 and vividly recall the great bed push in the spring of 1961.
Relay teams pushed a bed from north of Orillia to Hamilton-along the way it was high jacked by students from the University of Guelph. Our bed push was covered by Life magazine and a number of us had our pictures in the magazine.


Heather ’89

There are lots of places (Cootes, Thode library during exams, the baseball diamonds down near what used to be zone 6, the big open area in front of JHE and BSB where the students eat lunch and play frisbee during the summer) that make McMaster a special place but I think that instead of 125 favourite things, it could and should easily be the 10,000 or so staff and faculty that are favourite things about McMaster. As I have gone from undergrad to post-doc to faculty member to admin, it has become increasingly clear that we have the best people who are all committed to making McMaster a great place for students, faculty and employees alike.