Lisa ’98, ’02

One of my favourite things was spending days in 10 Acre Field playing rugby. I always felt so fortunate to have such a beautiful place to play … every evening and weekend, watching the colours turn in the woods around the fields, smelling the leaves and the earth … I still talk about those days and that field – it was truly a gift.


Larry ’72, ’73

One of my favourite things from my time at Mac – especially at this time of year – was football.

McMaster was one of the few universities (I think U of T was another) that had full-contact intramural football. Likely for insurance reasons, full contact was replaced by flag football a few years later. (My own personal memory – having my hand stomped. The cleat left a nice hole. I walked over to the newly opened medical centre – still in my pads – to have it stitched.)

This is a photo of the C.A.P.E. (Combined Arts – Phys Ed) Jets. We won the championship in both 1972 and 1973. This photo is from one of those years.

Jim ’52

It is hard to choose; there are so many. Something that most graduates have never seen was the Drill Hall. An artifact of the Second World War, it was the centre of many activities during my time at McMaster. Most indoor sports (bridge was played at the Rec. Hut) were played there. Dances, including the Formals (I remember Mart Kenney playing for one) were held there. Because it was the only building large enough to hold all 990 students, all final exams were written there. It was one centre of campus life in those days.