Walter ’65, ’67

One of our favourite remembrances of our time at McMaster University resides in the fact that we forecasted certain future events that would take place at the university.

During my graduate school days at McMaster, my wife Mary and I took regular walks to the campus with our two children since we lived on Rifle Range Road, not too distant from McMaster University.  In August of 1964, our two sons, Michael and Geoffrey posed in the sunken botanical garden that has since sadly disappeared and upon which the hospital now sits.  The boys were wearing prescient t-shirts with a forecast of their futures printed boldly on the front.  It read “McMaster 19??” and anticipated their eventual graduation from the university from which their father obtained a M.Eng. degree in 1965 and a Ph.D. degree in 1967.

Michael obtained his B. Eng. in Chemical Engineering (1983) and Geoffrey obtained his B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering (1985).  Eventually our third son, Allan, who was born during these years, was to obtain his Engineering and Management degree in 1990 and our grandson, Stephen, his Electrical Engineering degree in 2011 so we became a “McMaster University family”.

The memory of this event is one of my favourites from the time that I spent in the chemical engineering graduate school from September, 1963 to January, 1967.


One comment on “Walter ’65, ’67

  1. Michael Petryschuk, B.Eng Chem 1983. says:

    Cute kids but of course I am biased
    Michael Petryschuk, B.Eng. Chemical 1983.

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